Friday, September 16, 2005

California Capon Chickens Out

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger seems terminated by his pathetic lot. He is sending aides to meet with gay leaders as he has other lackeys leak that he will run for another term.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, he did in fact turn tail on the meeting with gay leaders on the even of his planned veto of the same-sex marriage law. His chance to show the guts his characters exhibit on screen is gone...and it won't be back.

The legislative leaders are delaying handing him the law to sign or almost certainly veto. They hope that reason and honor will prevail, as their supporters flood Wee Arnold with emails, calls and letters in favor.

However, his flack says that next Wednesday's 90-minute meeting will be only with aides and that same-sex marriage is not up for discussion. "This is an outreach meeting that happens within the normal course of business, and I understand there is heightened media interest," Margita Thompson said. "The legislation is specifically not going to be discussed." She now handles the brushoffs for the cowardly chief executive.

According to Equality California, in the first two days after Thompson said the AWOL governor would veto the law, over 50,000 emails have gone to his office and 20,000 supporters have signed the online petition for the law.

Yet, the Chronicle quotes Thompson as saying that if the issue arises in the meeting, "it will be cordially listened to, but it won't have any impact on the decision."

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