Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Maine Debate Impressions 2

The Bangor News seems to have won the Question 1 debate coverage race. It has its detailed version of the CCL/MWD sparring.

Nice additions to the coverage came with the advantage of being in the hall. They interviewed students and a CCL official:
Afterward, however, Joey Bishop, a first year student and supporter of the law, hadn't changed his mind.
"I came here to try to understand the perspective of the guy who wanted to vote yes," said Bishop, 18, of Presque Isle. "I listened intently the whole time but couldn't flush out his argument."

Opponents of the law, while difficult to find in the college crowd, expressed the need for more outreach on campus. "I think that we haven't had the outreach we need. I don't think the kids have the whole message," said the league's Elaine Graham, who said she sold only "a few" pins advocating traditional marriage at the event.
They estimated the crowd at 450. Also, they reported that previous polls of Orono students were between 66% and 75% in favor of gay rights.

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