Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Psyche and Cycle: No to 2006 Initiative

As predicted, the Travagini-Lees ballot initiative sank into the swamp of the Constitutional Convention today. That was no surprise, but the margin –– 157 to 39 – was a bit shocking. That reflects the divisions in the anti-gay/anti-same-sex-marriage forces, as well as voters acceptance of SSM as a done deal.

I confess that a friend and I were out for a long, long bike ride. Look to BlueMassGroup for the rushes, and the Boston Globe for the feigned objective view.

Now the question comes whether the Dark Side will repair to Mount Doom for the 2008 effort to ban same-sex marriage altogether, or whether the legislature will show more spine than politicias usually do. If, after small signature drive, 51 of 200 of them vote for the initiative two years in a row, it goes on the ballot.

Thanks to the lack of leadership and courage from our Governor Mitt Romney (Captain Brylcreeem) and our Attorney General Tom Reilly, we have probably three years of turmoil, tax-payer cost, and acrimony. Thanks guys.

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