Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bobby's Kids Sneaking Out

Senate President Robert Travaglini is not likely to get infusions of brains or guts in the next week before the vote on the 2006 anti-gay-marriage initiative (his version). He is likely to lose two more votes, very close to home, according to today's Globe.

An article says two of his closest minions, Frederick Berry (Peabody) and Senate Majority Whip Joan Menard (Somerset) told a reporter separately they would vote against the initiative. "(T)hey believe the negative consequences predicted by opponents of gay marriage never came to pass," the Globe's Raphael Lewis writes.

Increasingly, observers expect this version to fail and are unsure about the 2008 one. A recent post touches on both.

Meanwhile, another procrastinator, Attorney General Tom Reilly has to decide by the end of today whether to certify the 2008 version for signature gathering. Legally, it's a loser. Practically, the same issue that seems to doom the 2006 one is attached. The wailing nellies of the far right who predict all manner of terrifying turmoil from same-sex marriage have nothing to show.

Because the 2008 version would need only a 25% minority of the joint houses of the General Court twice to get on the ballot, it should have an easier time. One must wonder though whether the legislators are tired of being jerked around by jerks.

Then if this version does get 25% twice and get on the ballot, what will the voters think? Years of shrillness and jeremiads of imminent destruction if homosexuals can marry...are followed with transparent success of the process, more stable marriages, and increased civil rights to Massachusetts citizens.

As Bobby's two chums decided recently, it's time to get on with life. That was all so 2003.

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