Thursday, September 08, 2005

California Scheming

The San Jose Mercury News did a nice wrap-up of the next steps to follow Girly-Man Schwarzenegger's veto of the same-sex marriage law. (Free registration required.)

It's in a Q&A format. Briefly:

Marriage beats domestic partnership because it is universally recognized and offers over 1100 legal federal rights (massmarrier thinks this is what galls the anti-gay forces).

In the courts, a Superior Court judge's ruling that nothing prohibits same-sex marriage is under appeal and pending. He also rules Proposition 22 unconstitutional. The state Supreme Court will eventually get to these.

At the ballot, two competing anti-same-sex-marriage initiatives are up for the 2006 election. Either or even both could outlaw same-sex marriage. However, these could be overturned by courts. (massmarrier is repeated proof that ballot initiatives are misused in efforts to strip rights from minorities. Shame.)

In the legislature, assuming weasel Arnie vetoes the law, there aren't enough votes to override him.

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