Friday, September 02, 2005

Play and Pray

For 27 bucks Canadian, you can listen up and speak up about same-sex marriage and related issues in Toronto's Factory Theatre.

Rick Miller, co-creator of the hit show Bigger Than Jesus, arranged for a special night, Tuesday, October 4th. Faith Equality Night has the regular performance at 8 p.m. A panel discussion and audience talkback follows. The panel includes speakers from various faiths.

Miller envisions topics and questions including:
  • What is your religion's stance on homosexuality?
  • Does your faith support same-sex marriage?
  • What houses of worship can I explore which accept me the way I am?
  • What changes are being made to include people like me?
Directions and other details about the show and special night are on the Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples Website.

On the main Factory Theatre site, you can also find details for the following week's special Tuesday event. September 20th is Christian Youth Night: "Are you a young person struggling with the elements of Christianity? Want to express your feelings and concerns with other Christian Youth? This is the night to do it!"

Note: The two sites have different dates. We went with the theater's.

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