Monday, September 05, 2005

Pop Goes the Prez

<Rant with nothing to do with Marriage in Massachusetts>

What a weasel!

Somebody else's president, George Bush, was delivering an address blaming the victims for years of his inaction. What gall!

Across the Atlantic, his buddy Tony Blair apologized to his nation for not being able to help more and quicker to account for or help 150 missing Britons. His foreign office was overwhelmed and had little manpower or communications in the flooded area.

Somebody else's president? Well he was trying to shift the blame to the state and local government strained beyond capacity. Sure wasn't Washington's fault. No, siree, bob. Certainly no blame for the head of our government who sliced the funding for disaster preparations and the specific engineering plans designed to prevent exactly what happened.

Meanwhile Lackey 4, Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff, did his own lying on Meet the Press:
Whatever the criticisms and the after-action report may be about what was right and what was wrong looking back, what would be a horrible tragedy would be to distract ourselves from avoiding further problems because we're spending time talking about problems that have already occurred.
The hallmark of adulthood and leadership is taking responsibility. Is there no one in the executive branch with honor?

<end rant>

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