Friday, September 02, 2005

Putting the Offense in the Big D

Divorce, eh? Now, there's a cultural villain.

A response seem festering in the fetid mind of the serial introducer of the federal DoMA legislation, Indiana Congressman John Hostettler. He has not yet said as much, but many in the press and blogland foresee his proposal of a law limiting divorce.

He kicked off speculation last week speaking to a program of the Indiana Family Institute. There, he called for public policy on divorce, according to the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel.

Hostettler has never feared assaults on reason, history, truth or law. Oblivious to the reality that marriage under law is a civil contract, he stated, "The picture of marriage is the picture of Christian salvation. Any diminishing of that notion –— whether homosexual marriage or any other degradation of marriage – is something we must fight in public policy."

That is a fascinating theocratic conceit, worthy of pronouncements from Iranian clergy. It also carries an amusing wrinkle in that his subculture of evangelicals have the highest divorce rates in the nation, by far.

Note: In fairness, socialists have surmised that this is because they heed their cultural norm of very early marriage and childbearing. When they have that what-was-I-thinking moment combined with the dreaded who-is-this-person-in-my-living room one, it's too late to wait.

He has not announced a divorce-limiting bill. Don't trust him to have sense not to do so.

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