Monday, September 05, 2005

V- State Spitting Contest 2

While we watch to see what happens for marriage in Massachusetts on the next two Wednesdays, Vermont and Virginia stage their own messy battles on the same days. Both states had their last chest-thumping, nose-thumbing court proclamations in May, as in our post.

The appeals of a lesbian couple who split up after a civil union and artificially inseminated child in Vermont. They subsequently moved to Virginia. One claims to be an ex-lesbian now. She hied to Virginia with their kid after they dissolved the union in Vermont.

Lisa (Virginia) carried their child and claims that Janet (Vermont) has no parental rights. Vermont courts disagree. Virginia sides with their lady and Vermont with theirs. The lawyers are happy and everyone else irritated.

The Burlington Free Press article has the best coverage, including a detailed timeline.

Layer interstate rivalry, demands of respect for sovereignty, and complications of DoMA v. civil-union state, plus differing family law. You have a brouhaha without the ha ha.

However this finally resolves – and we shall watch –– it will have far-reaching impact nationwide.

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